10 Best Dog Breeds For Seniors

Dogs are called man’s ally for a reason. Few things are more comforting than the soft wriggle of a dog or their eager scamper once you open the door. A pet is usually the proper companion as you agree down into some time of life.
While every dog is different no matter what its breed, dog breeds are a superb place to start when trying to seek out the proper pet.

Take a peek at this listing of best dog breeds for seniors. The pooches that made the list are easy to stress for, even-tempered, and typically permitted in an assisted living community.

1. Cocker Spaniel

While not sufficiently small for every assisted living community, cocker spaniels are still medium-small, averaging around 20 pounds. Though not certainly lap dogs, they still make excellent lovers as they’re faithful, cheerful, and passionate. they have an honest temperament, but they’re also high energy, so they’re not right for every senior.

An English cocker spaniel needs attention, exercise, and daily brushing. Although they’re more high-maintenance than others on the list, their love of life makes the proper match for several active seniors.

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