17 Things Divorce Experts Wish You Knew Before You Got Married

17 Things Divorce Experts Wish You Knew Before You Got Married | the24onlin

These tips could save your relationship, or at least help you bounce back if it’s ending.

Nobody wants to believe divorce when they’re getting married. the great news is: The divorce rate goes down, and there’s an honest shot your marriage will make it. But, the truth is, there are never any guarantees in life, and like all things, it never hurts to be prepared.

Divorce lawyers, mediators, and financial planners get a front-row seat to all sorts of situations from easy-to-navigate, amicable separations to crazy contentious splits. So it’s safe to assume they’ve learned a few things that can help couples, no matter what stage of the relationship they’re in. And, truth be told, they have some advice that everyone should hear before they tie the knot that might save a lot of strife in the long run.

From relationship red-flags to common points of contention between couples, here’s what divorce experts wish everyone knew before they entered into a contract of marriage. Bottom line: Know who you’re marrying, get on the same page about your goals for the future and make a few smart financial moves so you’re covered in the event that things go bad. (And maybe prenup just in case?) If you’ve truly found “the one,” your relationship is definitely strong enough to withstand these truths.

1. You can’t change your spouse.

You can't change your spouse.  | the24onlin

Are you able to spend your entire life with all those tics that drive you crazy? Good, because they aren’t going away. “Whether they’re major personality flaws or annoying little habits, it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll be able to change these traits in your spouse,” says Janet Battey, founding partner of Ferro & Battey in Darien, Connecticut. “Expecting otherwise will only set your relationship up for failure.”

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